Until the Whole World Hears is the new album by Casting

Crowns.   Slightly less rocky than their previous album – The

Altar and the Door, it is still uplifting with a good mix of songs

to stir the soul.

Here are my thoughts on the album which I’ve only had for a couple of weeks:

  • A good use of violins on Joyful, Joyful to build the rhythm
  • If We’ve Ever Needed You is a song for our times
  • The title song – Until The Whole World Hears – has a strong beat and looks like a contender for rock         anthem
  • I love the guitar on Shadow Of Your Wings! Generic but sweet!

All in all, I’m not as pleased with this as The Altar and the Door but am enjoying it and will be singing some of these songs for years to come.


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